Decorative Film & Tinting

Creative interior aesthetics – transform plain into astonishing

An alternative to etched, cut, sandblasted, textured or laminated glass at a fraction of the cost. Combine films for customized looks and textures and increase your branding, corporate or product awareness.

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Creating an inviting and professional interior space is a critical piece that impacts people daily; it is no easy task. Combining the productivity and functionality of a space takes deliberate efforts, add to that the desire to incorporate branding, corporate colors or themes and it becomes even more complex.

Using Pro-Tint’s decorative line of window films opens up a realm of possibilities that can simplify and enhance spaces to improve productivity while addressing concerns of privacy and aesthetics. Pro-Tint has been a pioneering company in using decorative films for over 20 years and thousands of installations.

Create a space as unique as your company

Using a simple elegant band of film on the glass wall or a partition in a conference room adds a definition to the space, gives the occupants a modicum of privacy, and the ability to not be visually interrupted by passing traffic.

Incorporating a specific color or pattern adds a layer of subtlety to a corporate environment.

Pro-Tint is able to assist you in the process, from brainstorming and concept to electronic proofing. Once designed and approved we can quickly transform your space from standard to outstanding.

Let Pro-Tint show you examples in person, call us now to make an appointment to view these films and discuss options!

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