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Henry County Public Schools Select Pro-Tint To Help Create A Safer Learning Environment With Llumar Security Film


Henry County Public School (HCPS) officials are providing a pathway to higher education and a safer learning environment for their students, faculty, and staff. The school system has completed the second phase of a security upgrade project to mitigate broken glass injuries and reduce visibility into classrooms during crises. The school system’s 7,000+ students benefit from these effective and almost invisible safety measures as they begin the school year. These physical upgrades, along with staff and student drills/training are a part of an improved system-wide plan evolving to meet today’s challenges. A portion of the funding came from the Virginia Department of Education School Safety Grant initiative.

The HCPS department of facilities maintenance, led by Keith Scott, Director, has taken the necessary steps in up-fitting schools to provide a more secure learning environment supporting the mission to “improve and enhance the teaching and learning experience for all students in the public schools of Virginia”.

Adding Eastman’s LLumar Security Window Film to existing glass holds it intact should it shatter, protecting occupants, and limiting breaches of the building’s weakest points—windows and doors with glass. LLumar provides clear, strong polyester layers that act as a barrier to sharp edges and flying glass.

LLumar’s 24/7/365 protection stands up to wind, water penetration and breakage. Film holds glass shards together and reduces the need to replace upholstered fabric due to contamination of small glass hazards. Safety/Security film speeds clean up, and reduces injury. LLumar defeats ultraviolet rays as well. Eyes, skin, and fabrics/furnishings are well protected by broad-spectrum UVA/B coverage. The American Skin Cancer Foundation recognizes LLumar as a protective measure from cancer causing rays.

With 60 years of experience, Eastman’s Performance Films businesses are the world’s leading manufacturer and marketer of high performance window and paint protection films used in automotive and architectural applications. Performance Film has its largest, most integrated window and coated film manufacturing site in the world located in Fieldale, Virginia, a town in Henry County.

In this case, the finished product did not have to travel far to find its home, as many of the people who are employed at Eastman’s Fieldale site have children who attend Henry County Schools. This is a close-to-home benefit of a product used worldwide to protect glass. It is comforting to know that a local product is protecting local people and their children, friends and neighbors.

The second product installed is quick-drop classroom shades. These shades limit sight into classrooms and spaces, adding confusion and discouraging trespassers. Increasing the safety of learners and staff from targeted violence during an intrusion makes it exponentially more difficult to offer specific harm to that person. View-blocking security shades could potentially foil an unwanted person or group’s plans and increases time and frustration in hopes of driving the negative behavior from the school, in the event of a lockdown.

Both parts of this security upgrade—Film and Shades—enhance protection for students, and staff alike, and they can positively affect critical response time allowing law enforcement and first responders more time to arrive. The combination of these products adds another layer to the school’s overall security plan.

Henry County SchoolsHCPS selected Pro-Tint, Inc. of Kannapolis, NC to install LLumar’s Security Window Film, and classroom safety shades. “Working with Henry County Schools to increase the safety of students and staff was a rewarding experience; it was great to see our products in place and providing protection in a tangible way. Addressing each school’s unique layout with a variety of products creating a custom environment was a satisfying challenge,” said Edwin Patrick, Pro-Tint Project Estimator.

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