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So Many Choices? We educate you for the best fit! (Best film!, best film choices!)

Save Money & Energy Year Round at your house

  • Lower cooling costs by up to 50%
  • Retain up to 93% radiant heat in the winter

Saving Money & Being Responsible to the environment has always been in fashion. Pro-Tint’s films are saving our customer’s real money every day. Join the Pro-Tint family of customers by installing energy saving film. We are saving our customers an estimated 25,000 tons of cooling per year.

Enerlogic, The Gold Standard of Films, is a ground breaking film that is made partially out of …..Yes Gold! Using premium components coupled with proprietary manufacturing processes it yields a Super film. Enerlogic has the ability to retain up to 93% of a room’s interior heat that normally would escape and be lost through your glass. Of course Enerlogic stops the sun’s hot summer rays cold too, making it an all season money saving investment. Once installed your film will keep performing year after year. We guarantee our film’s performance through a lifetime warranty program.

For a Full ROI
from Energy Savings
Reduction in
Cooling Costs
Lower Cost for
Film VS New Windows
Solar Heat
Gain Repelled

Residential Tint Shield

Reduce fading of furnishings & fabrics

Fading of furnishings and fabrics before they have reached their time is maddening! Pro-Tint can help you choose a film that you can depend on to put the brakes on fading. Sun Fading is a complex topic, damage can occur from Ultraviolet Rays (UVA, UVB & UVC) which cannot be seen with the naked human eye. Heat, which we can only feel is partly responsible and visible light is to blame as well.

The more ultraviolet light, heat and glare blocked, the higher the protection against fading or color change. We train our representatives to ensure your free-in-home estimate is clearly explained along with no-cost sample films for you to keep.

Stop blinding glare-Improve your view, don’t close it off.

  • Cut sun glare and reduce eye strain up to 95%
  • Don’t wear your sunglasses in your home.

Glare is annoying at the very least and debilitating at the worst. Start to enjoy the space in your home and love your windows. Pro-Tint’s films reduce the glare from 10% to 95%. Let us demonstrate how to evaluate a film’s potential before you decide. Evaluating a sample in your hand looking outside your windows is essential to a great choice.

Improve the performance of your glass without sacrificing aesthetics.

  • Nearly Invisible films that block heat
  • No Shine on the outside while boosting comfort on the interior

Nano-ceramic film technology uses cutting edge technology to defeat the sun’s harmful UV rays(which we can’t see) and excessive heat (that you can’t even see!) without giving up the open feel of your home. You can appreciate and enjoy the home you have created even more with Pro-Tints, Inc. film selections.


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Residential Window Tinting
Residential Window Tinting
Residential Window Tinting

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